Xander's Guide to Camp Kitchen Ten Years of CFT - The Book

Greetings All!

As we approach CFT this year, we approach the first decade of Camp Fire Tails. As a commemoration of keeping everyone alive for those ten years of camp, I have compiled a long requested cookbook and bar guide!

Yep! You’ve heard me right. A cookbook with some of the most requested and often inquired recipes of the past 10 years. Few of mine, a few of others, but all 100% CFT with a little ‘home cook’ flare to fill in the ‘that looks right’ camp measurements.

I have settled on a cover design. The question to you animals is what color should it be? I will be watching the results for the next two weeks as I finish the last prep work before sending this off to the printers. I’ll be updating with a price when I get a final number from the printers. :3

  • Red Bound Aurum
  • Green Tome Aurum
  • Blue Atlas Aurum
  • Blue Atlas Argenti

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This makes me think 2nd edition D&D. The choice then becomes is this book about Red rules, green history, or blue equipment.

Love the design!

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