Woo! firsties

I think this goes here… anyway hoping to make it this year, when the event gets closer I will know for sure, If I can go I will be offering my time to help with the camp. Anyone offering rides through CoosCounty?

I’ll be setting up a carpooling subforum sometime after RF and get the 2011 forums all sorted! Welcome!

I’m hoping to actually make it this time (although my furry group has said I WILL be going haha). I heard a bunch of good reviews, funny stories, and saw a bunch of random pictures.

Good, funny and random. Some of my favorite adjectives!

Looking forward to seeing another new face there this year. :slight_smile:

Heard alot about last year so have saved up to come over n join you all :smiley:

geeeee i wonder from whom you’ve heard it from :wink: i most certianly hope it wasnt from your most loving mate ;D rest assured hon you’ll love it, not only because i’m going to be there, but a lot of people cant wait to meet you :smiley:

Twas from you hon n from what i’ve heard they do wanna meet me n i wanna meet all the furs i haz spoken to on the phone :smiley:

remember to be prepared… i wasnt last year and almost froze to death the first night… and on a side note, i will try to be nice and respectful… to a degree

first off, you should be respectful and nice period ingavar, no matter what, second off, the only reason why it was cold the first night was because we didnt put the dome on the tent. and i did tell you that it can get cold here sometimes, so i did forewarn you to bring warm sleepwear

I’m so excited! This is my first time and I just finished registering today and can’t wait. Is it 3 months later yet?

Looks like my mate and I will be attending. Kinda inconvenient the website would only let me register myself, I was kinda hoping to make it a surprise, but whatevs.

So… what’s to expect on our first time on this trip?

You still could, just make them a separate forum account with their info. Unless they already have a forum account or something.

That was basically what I did for my mate last year (since he was just sitting behind me being silly and I was paying for both our registrations anyway)

Expect a social experience. It’s a bit more relaxing and laid back an atmosphere from the typical hotel convention. You’ll have plenty of time to make good friends, with just enough things happening around to stay busy when you feel like it! We’re all about making friends and giving people a way to feed their inner escapist for a few days. :slight_smile: