Wildlife Safety

I know there should be safety in numbers, but has there been any concern (or any measures taken) regarding the safety of campers in the case of the appearences of bears (the real kind), snakes, etc. or any potentially dangerous wildlife? This will be my first time camping on the high desert of Central Oregon and I’ve been wondering (and nervous) about that…

Last year I saw little to no wildlife. Not even any birds o: I think we’ll be okay. :3

Only thing I remember seeing last year was some chipmunks or squirrels, don’t remember which they were. XD

there was a few squirrels and chipmunks, not really any bigger wildlife

I think we mostly made too much noise for bigger animals to feel comfortable bothering us

Good! I keep thinking about the trouble they’ve had down in Lake Tahoe, California, with bears actually braking into houses to get food (no joke)…Still, I’m planning to keep any food I bring with me in the trunk of my car. No sense tempting fate…

There are bears in the park, but the national park is huge and we had no sightings. Even then, we take our precautions, keeping trashcans empty at night, dumpsters locked down and no food left out in the open.

We really didnt see any animals bigger than the pork roast that we cooked in the kitchen.

Typically, we have enough ‘males’ at the campout that are willing to mark around the edge of the campground to keep out anything big out.

XD Yes, we do mark our territory :stuck_out_tongue:


Nobody got bitten by a big animal last time, but almost everyone I’m sure got bitten by the little ones. Little ones that fly in the air.

As a followup for future readers:

At CFT we regularly have rangers coming through daily. Usually to maintain the bathrooms, but to also in general see that their park isn’t being abused(we got stellar reviews regarding our lack of damage to the park again, yay!. Although it took 6 people sweeping the camp to make it so!). On one of the days I spoke with one of the rangers and asked them pointedly: What animals do you think we should be aware of in your park? Her response was enlightening.

[ul][li]The last time a bear was sighted within the surrounding park occurred in 2008, over three years ago.[/li]
[li]A couger has never been sighted within the surrounding park.[/li]
[li]Coyotes are a monthly occurrence (usually following a large event to party themselves), but never within sight of two people or more and almost never in the presence of fire.[/li]
[li]We’re beyond the fringe of the great basin rattlesnake’s ideal climate (starting at fort rock, 50 miles east). While they do occur, they are uncommon here.[/li]
[li]Hornets are bastards.[/li]
[li]Don’t step on ant hills or set up a tent on one.[/li][/ul]

I did see one coyote when I went into LaPine Saturday morning. (Ran across highway 97, then stood on the railroad embankment looking back.)

Helena and i had a couple coyotes come by our tent several times (at least twice) during the convention. one time on the day before the con start and the last night. it was probably because they could smell the meat that we had in our cooler and since we were “far enough” from everybody else