Who Wants to hang?

Looking for some peeps to hang with throughout the con =p planning on having a blast there! gonna bring my huge tent and have my hookah with me =D definitely gonna have a great time and just looking to break the Shyness and actually hang with people =^^= im gonna be there on the 1st to help with setup!

Also I need a con badge made up :c can anyone help me with one? :3

Oce does discount badges I think (I think). I’m planning to bring about 3a hookahs and Kage might be bringing some too. Pick a group and say hi. :slight_smile:

awesome xD love me some hookah :3

does a flyby “Hi-Bye”

This will be my last event in Oregon before a cross country move, but always eager to meet new folks.

Hookah? Looks like we’ll be bringing more sheesha…

that would be awesome xD Considering im running low but will pick some up before i leave ^^

I would be totally game to hang. Trying my self to get over some “socially awkward” thingies so it would be fun just to actually have a PLAN to hang out with at least one person XD

Awesome ^^ same goes for me as well =p I need to be more social with peeps. I will have my red and blue fursuit on so you should find me quite easily =3 its gonna be my first time wearing it ^o^

Just be careful about wearing your suit during the day because it does get quite hot. Usually the night time is best for suits.

Yeah so I’ve heard xD luckily I can handle heat pretty well ^^