Who is bringing AV gear this year?

Who is bringing what this year? The last two years I have brought my light gear to help out, and I heard that the burners are going to bring audio gear this year. I know that Serafina is trying to get things sorted out on whos playing what and when, which is good. Would be nice to know whos bringing what, so I have a general idea of what I need to bring, etc.

Lets get a list started, shall we?


I will be bringing audio gear and a carport. I only have a 1kw generator so I am limited in what I can power, although I can see if I can borrow a 2kw as well, no guarantee so if someone else can bring a generator for lights that would be awesome. Bring music!

I have a projector that takes 12V DC in and I’m working on getting some batteries to use with it. I don’t have a screen but I might be able to convince someone to bring theirs, I’ll poke them to find out.

A plain white shower curtain works remarkably well for a make-do screen. (More reflective than a sheet, cheap, waterproof…)

I’ll have some basic stuff as usual. A speaker to play music, probably a projector and power solutions. Nothing too crazy though

I JUST grabbed a 3kw inverter genset. Electric start and even wireless remote start. 30a outlet too. Should be PLENTY of power to go round

I’ll bring my screen

How big is yours? I have a small (I think 4ft wide tripod) and a bigger
classroom sized hanging screen but that would need to be suspended from
trees or something

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