When should I plan on arriving / leaving?

Arrival: Thursday

On-site check in opens at noon on Thursday.

Most people arrive Thursday, but there’s always a few who arrive on Friday, and that’s perfectly OK. The only meal we serve on Thursday is Dinner. Please don’t show up before noon on Thursday unless you’re a volunteer helping with set-up.

Regardless of the day you arrive, if you’re going to be arriving really late (after 8-9pm or so), please get in touch with us beforehand so we can give you any additional info on where to get set up, etc.

Departure: Monday

You want to stay Sunday night, if at all possible.

We like to schedule things well into Sunday afternoon, and in addition to the last-night festivities, you’ll miss all the nice scenery on the drive back if you leave in the evening.

On Monday, the only meal we serve is breakfast. We expect everyone who isn’t a volunteer helping with tear-down/clean-up to be gone or in the process of loading up by noon on Monday.