When life won't even hand you a lemon...you make some chili

“The road’s always been a harsh place. No food, no water, just a whole lot of pretending you’re not hungry. But you know, I heard that there’s a place somewhere in a valley near the remains of Outpost 27, it’s called a ‘diner’ and they serve you food that isn’t scavenged roadkill. I mean, it might still be roadkill, but it sure don’t taste like it!”"

Here we are, campers. Only days away from embarking on our journey down the Furry Road. Are you prepared? Are you ready? Will you grab life and shake em’ down for at least SOMETHING?

I’d like to propose a contest this year. A good old-fashioned post-apocalyptic Chili cook-off.
The rules are very simple:

  1. CFT’s Kitchen will provide only two things: judges to taste test, and some salt & pepper (for taste.)
  2. Have a copy of your recipe on hand. This will allow us to sort meat and vegetarian dishes apart.
  3. The chili must be ready by the end of Sunday’s dinner service.

The winner and the prize will be announced during an award ceremony that evening.

Good luck, campers. May your journey along the road grant you glory.
-sick metal guitar solo-

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Is the intention that we make chili at camp, or is TV-magic chili made at home, frozen, and warmed at camp also okay?

It’s…a cook-off. Impress others with your skills and earn the glory of chili-lovers the world over.

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