What time does everything end on Monday?

So, it seem I’ve gotten myself into a bit of an unfortunate situation with work, where I need to fly down to Mexico City on the last day of CFT (Monday 8/8). :-\

Does anybody know around what time things typically end and people start to leave?

I’m looking at either a 9 AM flight out of Klamath Falls or a 1 PM flight out of Bend. I’m trying to decide whether it’s worth the extra hassle of trying to get to Bend (it’s a bit out of the way) in exchange for a few extra hours of time.

Following breakfast at 10am we’ll be holding our closing ceremonies. After that the rest of the day is open for friends to say goodbye to eachother. :slight_smile:

I would say go with bend, gives you a bit more time and should be closer.

Bend is a 45 minute drive from the site, K Falls is… two and a half hours I think. It’s about three hours from Bend. =)

Since I’ll be driving up from California, Klamath Falls is on the way. But even despite that, Bend is definitely looking pretty attractive right now. :wink:

Thanks everyone. Now, I just need to remember to say “no” the next time work tries to get me to do something big right after I’m supposed to come back from a trip. :wink:

I was thinking from the camp site to the airports, my bad hehe.
We’d love to have you stick around as long as possible =)

It is from the camp site to the airports. It’s complicated. XD

I’m going to be carpooling up with friends. I don’t want them to have to take me to the airport at some inconvenient time on Monday, so I’ll be renting a car. Hence the reason why the airport along the way up would be more convenient in that regard – in theory I could have just grabbed the car on the way up.

We just decided that we’ll use the trip up to Bend to pick up a rental car as an opportunity to buy any missing supplies. And I’d buy him a nice dinner sometime. :wink:

Just a note re the car rental because I know some places are anal about it: You will need to drive some distance (a few hundred feet each way) on a dirt/gravel driveway to park your car at the site.

(Hopefully rental places around Bend don’t care about that like some of the places in metro areas do, but figured I’d warn you anyway.)

As a followup…
It turns out that my trip for work was canceled, so I get to stay for closing ceremonies on Monday after all. :smiley: