"What is Furry?" Happening! :)

Hello everyfur!

Excited about camp? I am! Scared, too…this is going to be my first big journey west of the East Coast ever (well, save for Hawaii when I was younger). So it will definitely feel like I’m going to another planet! But I’m so excited to see all of you, and pray that we’ll have an awesome time together and that I’ll make lots of new friends! <3

So, it looks like I’ll be heading the “What is Furry?” happening on Thursday night after dinner! Location is still TBA at this time, but if anyone’s interested, watch this thread for an update on where it will be, when and if I find out while I still have access to a computer! :wink:

Of course, don’t know if anyone IS interested in attending or coming…there’ll be so much to do by then! But I invite everybody and anybody to come along and join me. Smaller groups are no problem: they just tend to be more personal.

Even though I’m the “head” of this impromptu happening, I won’t have much planning into it, as I mean it to be an open introductory discussion, contemplation, and sort of “meet and greet” that will last as long as we want it to. :wink: Anybody can bring up a relevant furry-related topic that we can all listen to and talk about, growing closer as friends. :slight_smile:

So, what IS this happening about? shrugs Iunno.

LOL Okay, okay. Basically, I was thinking about talking about our fascination, love, and interest in being furry, where it comes from, what it means to us, and its relevance in nature and outside life. I’m a VERY OPEN furry, meaning if we want to get down and dirty and talk sex/passions, we can. If we want to contemplate the spiritual aspects of the animals around us, we can! I guess if there’s one rule I want to put out there, it’s DON’T HATE. I’d say “don’t judge”, too, but I think we all make unintentional “mental judgments” of those around us. At best, keep an open heart and mind, and let’s be nice and understanding to each other. :slight_smile:

Possible related topics include the following:

– When we discovered “furry”
– Our first “furry” crushes or interests/passions
– Furry as reconciliation of man and nature
– Our connection to animals
– Evolution as the “Great Connector” of us to all life / abiogenesis
– Therianism: How do we feel it?
– Why a particular fursona?
– Sexual aspects in the fandom: inherent, or not?
– Furries in media: movies, TV, animation, games

These are just ideas…we can explore other ones, too. I plan to have all of us introduce ourselves one by one, and mention one fascinating thing about ourselves, and go from there. It’s a good way to know the audience, too.

As for your host, well, being an egocentric walrus, I suppose that I could go on and on about that, but I probably better not. If you want to know more about me, go check out my FA page, under username Furio (can’t get the link now, since I’m at work). Or, just feel free to ask me anything here! :slight_smile: You can also offer ideas for things to talk about. Again, I will remind you that I’m VERY open.

If you want to catch me before or after the happening to talk further, make friends, game, or whatever, you can usually spot me by the big badge of “Royce the Walrus” that will be on my shirt (too big to attach, sorry!). Sorry I can’t wear the fursuit, which is more recognizable. LOL Either way, please talk to me. I’m a very loving, friendly walrus who loves to hug, talk, and listen. :slight_smile:

Alright, I’m out. Love you all tons and can’t wait to see you all next week!!!


Furio da Werebear
aka “Walrus” Royce Tuxford Cobblepot