What if we bought a van or a bus?

Since there’s several people who still need a ride, what if a bunch of us chipped in to buy a big van or bus from craigslist or somewhere, took a trip from Vancouver to Eugene to grab peeps, then headed off to CFT? When done, sell the bus or keep it for next year. Is this a good idea or a bad idea?

if enough people are willing to chip in and someone has a place to keep it afterward, I’d say it could be a good plan. Are we talking like a short bus or something?

I was thinking either a 9 passenger van (it’s 9 right?) or a VW Bus. Maybe I’ll look for one, figure out how much it would cost to buy, register, and insure it, and then post the costs per person.

This was our plan to do last year, we were going to get charted bus. Unfortunately there just wan’t enough interest for it to happen. Hopefully if CFT gets big enough something like this can happen.

Whew, busses are expensive! Even the VW busses from the 60s and 70s cost a few thousand dollars or more! I did find one with a Porche motor though, so maybe if there’s an auto enthusiast here would wouldn’t mind buying it for hirself…

those VW busses are practically collectable now, you’re not gonna find one for cheap, especially not one that doesn’t need work done on it.