What I enjoyed :3

This was my first time at CFT and what I enjoyed most was the furs there :3 Everyone was very kind and generous and very social that i felt really good. I enjoyed having the little area in the loud camp that because a really popular hang out spot next to the hookah and the campfire and everything, I loved the campsite! it was very large and awesome :3 Just wish the waterfall was closer.

I enjoyed helping Xander and Crew in the kitchen and digging the pig pit xD the food was amazing and tasted fantastic and hopefully can be apart of the menu making and cooking next year!

Definately this will be my main con i will attend every year!! I don’t really have any complaints =o I felt everything was organized and was very well put together. Would love to be on staff!!

That’s all for now ^^

Thanks for all your help and bring a bike next time… it makes the trek to the waterfall, much shorter. =3

Seconding “fuck Travis.” Seriously :I

Yeah no kidding. I was pretty on edge as well x.x

I will definately be bringing a bike!! Probably gonna buy a nice Mountain bike and put CFT decals on it :smiley: