What hosted events do you want to see this year?

Hello! As is tradition, CFT staff host a limited number of events depending on funding and time for all to enjoy, and to also provide ideas for events others may want to host themselves. Our past has included waterfights, battle of the brightest, stargazing, an assortment of dances, cooking workshops and the like. Let’s hear your thoughts on things you’d like to see us host! Remembering the heat and people’s tendencies to hide from it via swimming and waterfights, it may be best for most events we host to be happening after 3pm when it begins to cool down.

I definitely want to see a water fight again this year.

MTG tournament.

Awh yeah.

Water fight FOR SURE! :smiley:

And campfire stories (although i think you do that anyway haha, its in the name of the con)

Maybe some games here and there “capture the flag, hide n go seek, ect.” (and cmon, you can never be too old for these. theyre quite fun :3 )

Definitely Battle of the Brightest again, I already have a couple of weapons ready for it. :smiley: The waterfight was pretty awesome too.


-Battle of the Brightest, of course. One suggestion, though: why not have it on Saturday night instead of Sunday? It seemed like a number of people had to miss out last time, because they had to leave earlier on Sunday to get back to civilization Monday morning… also I usually think of Saturday as the ‘party night’ at most typical cons, followed by a lower-key/dead-dog Sunday night. I suppose EVERY night is party night, though… ;D

-It’s a pretty artistic crowd - how about Pictionary? Possibly with those big 24x32 presentation pads and a bunch of sharpies, for bigger groups and/or an audience. Results could be added to the bathroom wall galleries, or tossed into the fire later for spectacular effect.

-I had this crazy idea… would an ice cream social be feasable? :slight_smile: It’d require someone drive into La Pine with a cooler to pick up a couple gallons of the stuff right beforehand, but how awesome would it be to have ice cream in the desert heat? (I imagine sometime after lunch would be a good time for this…)

That’s what comes to mind offhand, I’ll add more if I think of anything.

How about instead if standard Pictionary we do it at night with a sheet hung up and some sort of strong light and do shadowpuppet charades? :wink: Or like, Shadow Theatre?

Pictionary last year was quite fun! And shadowpuppets sounds great too!

What if we did a totally fashionable Runway show complete with music and a few peeps posing as European fashion designers as the judges?

throwing shit out there

PS, Pictionary sounds wonderful

Come to think of it, something along the lines of a fursuit/general furry fashion show feels like it’d fit within the theme pretty well.

lets do it 8) I think anytype of costume or whatever could participate. partly for lulz, partly cause not everyone has suits, but keeping the fashion show geared around furry in some way would be appropriate, and wierd. maybe stuff like this would attract more suiters

Yeah shit this could get fun, I am all for this becoming a thing for at least this year.

I smell another thread for this. I’ll certainly contribute in my own … special… way. shifty eyes

Aw damn, there was Pictionary last year and I missed it? Gotta pay more attention…!

Also I wanna add a big “YES” to the fursuit/fashion show idea. ;D I have so so (SO) many furry/semi-furry/zany costume bits I can contribute, it’s kind of ridiculous.

Someone else suggested having a variety/talent show kind of deal; perhaps these two ideas could be rolled into one? So it would have fashion and fursuits, but also whatever other performances people want to put on (shadow puppets, juggling, music, skits, lots of possibilities!)

My only request: can it be held after dark, to take full advantage of Glowy Stuff? :wink: I can’t promise anything just yet, but I am looking into bringing a power source this year, which could be used to run a couple flood lights for this. Failing that, though, I’m sure a few gas-powered lanterns would probably also provide sufficient “stage” lighting at night.

Furry fashion show would be amazing, especially if we had a class or two that proceeded it where people could construct some costume elements (like if we did another tail making class, or ears, or whatever).

Yes. a suit/fashion show would definitely be entertaining and fun.


The idea of an actual class would be nice, and probably gather more people who wouldn’t think they could stich nice nicenesses but I’m not exactly an expert on sewing, but I’m sure someone better would love to do it and would need help or we can just group ourselves into super turbo sewing helpers:).

even if we dont go through with a class, which would be super lame, I’ll still bring alot of random sewing supplies and fabric, so other furs can pursue some forgotten passion of costume making. I’ll keep it out for people to just kinda go to town on the supplies, and people can kinda just do it at they’re leisure throughout the con. hopefully weird things will happen :3 Also!!! if you have alot of remnant fabric you have no use for or or even small scraps of fabric it could be very useful for the random nature of people’s imaginations and, provide way more stuff for people to get at.

this idea of getting to make costumes/randomness in a forest festival with other fun people-animals sounds like fun. If we get more dances it could make the shindigs way more visually pleasing and fun!

would you be comfortable letting other maybe wear them to participate? I mean I wouldn’t let other people wear my shit XP yes or no your still giving more to the shows appeal oCe, which is major player dawg :3

Night times would provide better contrast lighting and make glowies more glowies I’m down for this. Oh man I cant wait to hear about what you have in mind for lighting!

just gonna ramble, but we could also make Homemade light boxes using lanterns and a light diffusion material which would point the light in a single direction for classy and cheap effect XD Maybe have the runway ( for fashion show) end at a fire pit to make it all woodsy and mysticals :B

Oh yes, of course. I have more costume pieces than I could possibly wear myself…! ;D Probably enough for like 10 people, haha.

I also like the idea of some sort of costume-making happening… though it might be a little tricky to come up with stuff totally from scratch on site, especially with hand-sewing. Maybe someone can hit up the by-the-pound Goodwill, and get a bunch of random/wacky clothing people can cut up / modify / add on to…

My thought for lighting was pretty basic: I have several metal clamp-lamps I could just throw spot bulbs in, clip onto whatever (tree? custom PVC pipe rig?) and face a stage. I suppose reflective light boxes could be put over the tops of those, but it might not even be that necessary since the metal lamps tend to focus light pretty well on their own. Still, though, it’s a cool idea! And if it turns out I can’t bring electrical power, lanterns + light boxes sounds like a swell cheap alternative. :3

Yeah, I was just about to remind people that electrical power is the person running the happenings responsibility to provide. CFT does not have the ability to provide electricity.