We're 37th

if we hit our goal we can become 33

Thats actually pretty decent!
Seeing the 12 person attendance is depressing D:

Right on. :smiley: That’s very cool. I know that we’re just going to keep growing. Someday, we’ll be up in the teens and maybe the single digits! (Heaven help us if we get that big.)

We’re going to need a bigger campground. 0.0

My (personal) guess is that someday we may be able to handle up to 300 people at the Ogden Group Camp by taking all 3 sites there.

The reason we’re limiting the number of attendees is to make sure our staff and logistics (especially the kitchen) don’t get overwhelmed. As we purchase the necessary infrastructure and more importantly gain experience, expect the limit to increase in future years.

The bigger campground comment was more directed towards Niwa’s “Someday, we’ll be up in the teens and maybe the single digits” comment.
We’d be in the thousands of people if we get that high up XD