Welcome to the Midnight Society [2017]


What scares you? Bumps in the night? Howling in the wind? Witches… ghosts… ghouls of the whiphand variety? Or are you just… afraid of the dark?

Join me once again at Camp Bloodwood where we’ll have a warm, crackling fire and a welcoming circle. Bring your favorite spooky story to share or an original one of your own making. I plan to also bring a few extra tales to tell if people come unprepared. Not a great storyteller, but love to listen? Bring a chair and settle in close, who knows what’s lurking just beyond the fire’s light.
Let’s welcome back that nostalgic feeling of telling scary tales by the fire and seeing who ends up sleeping with their light burning bright through the night.

We are scheduled for Friday Evening (after Fakeman’s cider tasting) and yes, of course I will bring non-dairy creamer again ;3

Happening Central 2017

Not sure where to start for your story? Have some creepy pasta for inspiration!


Alright, I’m gonna have to see if I can find a copy of “Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark.” That’s good old fashioned nightmare fuel. You know, for kids.


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