Welcome to the Campfire Tails Forum

The Campfire Tails Forum is the official place to discuss the event, plan happenings, ask questions, and connect with fellow attendees. Please feel free to start discussions about other topics of interest to attendees, as well.

Getting Started

  • Read, read, read! Reading is the most important thing to do in any discussion forum, and on this one, a fair number of useful functions will be unavailable to you until you’ve read enough of the posts here.
  • Read about the forum, too. The FAQ is a good starting point. (To read the FAQ, open the menu and click on “FAQ”.)
  • Help us out. We’re still working on getting things sorted out in this forum. If you notice something in an obviously wrong category, or a category description with the default text, use the flag feature to bring it to our attention.

Before Creating New Topics, Please…

  • Search for an existing topic to read and reply to instead.
  • Try to select an appropriate category for your topic.
  • Describe the topic in the title.

Things to Avoid Doing

  • Please do not use signatures on your posts. Each post should be about the conversation.
  • Do not post ‘+1’ or ‘me too’ replies. There is a Like button; use that instead.
  • Do not post spam. This includes links with affiliate codes, even if they are on-topic.
  • Don’t act like a troll. People posting nonsense, demonstrably false statements, propaganda, inflaming other people repeatedly for no reason, or otherwise violating our Code of Conduct will be warned and then banned.

Warning: If you behave badly enough to earn a ban from our forum, you will be banned from attending the event as well.

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