Welbone building class (Closed and canned) :-\

Well since I am going too come and I love the chance of stating a full out war if possible the First step is too get Welbones made. these are made out of foum and pvc pipe (plasic piping) I can teach and supply the matials too you all I am looking at prices of the itmes and will let you know the cost for the class but I figure one sword and one dagger or I mother fucking Great sword let me know what you think and if you wish too do this the more people we get the greater the chances are that I will have the items

What size/weight of PVC pipe would you need? I work for a company that makes the stuff.

Well I would 40, 3/4-inch PVC pipe length and 3/8-inch thick I will also be getting caps and stuff. Padding is just a thin layer. Walebones are fun weapons that are less likly too break becasue they fit tip to tip unlike boffers that only have PVC pipes for the handle

Am I reading that correctly as 3/4 inch schedule 40?

Want me to see if I can get some scrap pieces? (IE not quite to spec; but perfectly good for your purpose.) And if so; how much? (I’d get it in 10 foot pieces.)

We don’t make any parts other than the pipe; so I can’t really help with those.

sure, I can give you money for your scrapes just tell me how much you want. thanks

This is a great idea but the Wellbones sounds an awful lot like boffer’s. I think they might be pretty similar. You might want to check out this thread, http://forum.campfiretails.org/2010-happening-planning/happening-idea-battle-of-the-brightest/

You seam like you know a lot about this stuff so maybe before the battle you can help teach people how to build them? I think these two ideas go hand and hand, and with you help we can make the battle even better!

they are likeness but boffers only have PVC piping for the handle Walebones have it for the whole thing. more sturdy and less likly too break if used… I’ve used Boffers and Walebones in the SCA when I was younger and never broke my Walebone as quikly as the boffer

If it’s just a few pieces I should be able to get em for free. How many will we need?

20, 4 feet will do. they dont need too be perfect I can cut as needed

I have the pipe. 10 pieces at 10 feet long. (That’s how we make em.) No charge. 8)

Nice Karta! It looks like we have an epic battle brewing at hand bwhahahaha.

You are the man I can get a saw and spend The first day cutting peices.

BTW The cost for the class will be $30 thanks too Katra (Your more then welcome too join us) Which will cover parts and basic safty training on said Walebone remember to let me know what type of weapon you would like too make so I can cut a proper size PVC

Since there is unforeseen things that went on, I won’t be able too do the classes like I was hopping too do. (Money issues) So hopefully I can build at least 3 Walebones and have a one on one but that stretching it. sorry all

I’ll still bring the whole bundle of raw pipe. Maybe we can figure something out. 8)

I will try too bring something too make a least a few welbones for one on one but I can not promise anything