Want to attend CFT but cannot afford it? Read on!

Want to attend Campfire Tails, but lack the funds? A solution is now available! We love all of you and want everyone to have the opportunity to come, especially if your friends are coming! Now introducing the ‘Help a Friend’ program! People who pay full price for a Regular, Patron or Sponsor registration now have the option upon completion of their registration to help out a friend!

When you register, instructions will show up on your confirmation page after registration is complete. In case you miss it, check your inbox for your confirmation email and you will find instructions on how to do it! You go to the link provided and enter the Campfire Tails Forum username of the person you want to help out, and we’ll send them a PM telling them of the $5 discount they just received on your behalf, with a personalized one-time-use link for them to register at reduced (or no) cost.

You can receive more than one of these gifts, and they will all apply at registration time up to the amount you would otherwise pay. (If 2 people send you a gift, you’ll pay $10 less when registering, and so forth.)

Also, if you’re a sponsor, you get to send two of these $5 gifts. They can be given to different people, or the same person.

If you’ve already registered, expect an email in your inbox shortly! Be sure to tell your friends about the program! Everybody should be able to come, and now here’s an opportunity! Don’t pass it up!

The full terms of this program are in the code of conduct, at http://campfiretails.org/pages/2010-code-of-conduct

I talked to my friend I mentioned in another thread again today and she’s having financial troubles but would really like to go (and I really would rather go with her than anyone else). Is there any way I can post her name here asking for attendees’ $5 discounts if those attendees don’t have anybody to give theirs to? I’ll give her mine but if a couple other people can give her theirs too it would make a difference. She plans to join the forum (and I know she needs to to get the discounts anyways), so I guess she can make the request herself, but I wanted to ask if its okay to even ask that on the forum at all. Thanks. :slight_smile:

I don’t see why it would be a problem if she made such a post. In the event threads of that nature became a nuisance, they could always be moved to a new sub-forum.

i was wondering if there was anybody that would like to sponser me. i had enough money to go, but then igot sick with whatever bug it was that went around and i had to go to the doctor’s office and also get some amoxillian. so now i can not afford to go unless i am sponsered. Help?

Hi I’m Sparky’s friend. :smiley: I’ll make a separate post asking for stuff, because I don’t to be a total mooch, so I’ll be offering art in exchange. :stuck_out_tongue:

crowly: could you use any more exclamation points…? XD

I got $10 points for anyone just give me a yells and I can give them too you First come first serve.

Me, please? I would really appreciate it, plus it would be awesome of you. :slight_smile:

it is all yours, I wish you luck :smiley:

You rock! I’ll see you there. :smiley: Also, as noted by my other post, give me a reference and I’ll shoot some art your way.

This is a great program. I just registered and sent my $5 to Pulsifier. Hope everyone gets enough money to go…

Also… first post. Hi urrvrybody!