Volunteers Signup Thread!

Most of you know the drill by now, but for those who don’t, here’s a list and a rundown of the kind of help we need. Campfire Tails’ staff makes absolutely zero profit off of this shindig and relies heavily on the kindness of strangers to make it all work. The amount of jobs that need doing are widely varying and are catered to most types of people. If you want to help out, check out this list and reply here if interested. Volunteers that put in over 20 hours of time will receive a 20$ discount the following year for helping out, and also receive the hot meal option during the shifts they work and many kind words from staff.

Positions will be filled in as people claim them:

We need people to help Set up for the Happenings!

These are the events that make CFT happen, we need people to help set up, run supplies about and generally help things run smoothly.

Happenings Coordinator= Groggyfox
Happenings Assistant= Koda

Volunteer One:
Volunteer Two:

In order to help things run as smoothly as possible we need a couple people helping pass things out, check id’s, ect. at the beginning of CFT :slight_smile:

Registration Manager/HR= Koinu

Volunteer: Accophox

Parking assistance and entrance greeters:
Volunteer one:
Volunteer two:

Now comes the big stuff, we need help setting up. Our construction volunteers are absolutely vital to CFT. We basically need help moving things, building things and the like, its construction, a possible chance to bang stuff with hammers, who doesn’t enjoy that? Setup volunteers are expected to be onsite by 2pm on August 1st

Construction Manager= Mopar Skunk

Volunteer One: TheScruffyPuppy
Volunteer Two: Comatoes
Volunteer Three: Kazumafox
Volunteer Four: Garimoto
Volunteer Five: MallowR
Volunteer Six: Zetafox
Volunteer Seven: Kage
Volunteer Eight: Hawkfeather
Volunteer Nine: Reago6
Volunteer Ten: ScritchGratch
Volunteer Eleven: TheDonkieOatie
Volunteer Twelve: Leander

Basically the opposite of the setup team. You’ll also be helping to clean and rehabilitate the campground and help to reload the warehouse in Bend. You’ll be working from 8/6 in the afternoon to the early afternoon on 8/7. We will need 4 volunteers to help load up the storage warehouse in Bend and will be working with us into the late afternoon.

Coordinator: Mopar Skunk

Volunteer One: Comatoes
Volunteer Two: Garimoto
Volunteer Three: MallowR
Volunteer Four: ZetaFox
Volunteer Five: Kage
Volunteer Six: Hawkfeather
Volunteer Seven: Reago6
Volunteer Eight: ScritchGratch
Volunteer Nine: TheDonkeyOatie
Volunteer Ten: Leander

I need gophers! These are people who will be on-call to perform odd jobs around camp, from assisting hosts and happenings where needed, maintaining shower bags, handwash stations, extra kitchen help, etc. It’s general use.

MORNING GOPHERS (10am to 2PM daily)
Volunteer One: Garimoto
Volunteer Two: Vlad
Volunteer Three:

Volunteer One: Mayhew
Volunteer Two:
Volunteer Three:

Volunteer One:
Volunteer Two:

More roles may be added here as needed. Any questions, want to fill in a spot or have anything else relevant to add, please reply here.

Ah, I saw this after I sent you that PM, Crowley. I’ll be available for setup and breakdown.

Thanks. =]

Gotcha. :slight_smile:

Hey Crowley, assuming I can get a ride down that early, for me, my stuff and a bud, then I can help for set up. I know I have the time off of work since I am currently unemployed. As for breakdown, I don’t think I can since I need to get my bud back to the airport.


Just wanted to mention that I’d absolutely be up for volunteering for setup/breakdown if I can get a ride that co-ordinates with that schedule. :slight_smile: hinthint

Assuming I get in early enough, I’ll can handle registration and check in with Koinu.

Let me know if you can work something out. :slight_smile:

I can assist with setup as well, What time should I arrive?

Time is listed with the job description. Let me know if that works.

Works for me :3

Excellent. More minions.

i will sign up for setup and breakdown, i can also do gopher shifts or fill for those that can’t/don’t fulfill their duties or if you need people to round them off.

i’m an early riser so morning gopher would be best in that respect, but i will probably be up for 36-48 hours at a time.

Put me down as a Morning Gopher, i don’t want to work in the afternoon heat :stuck_out_tongue:
I’ll find out if i can work set up/breakdown for ya soon.

Aight. I will be there on setup and takedown days, but I am on the list for kitchen work those days as well. So when I am not helping sling food at hungry furs I can help with the assembling and destroying of of camp!

ScritchGratch, DonkeyOatie, Leander, and Reago6 looking to do setup/takedown.

I volunteer for afternoon gopher (>^.^)>#

So many volunteers :smiley: You guys rock.

I am on the list already, and while I can’t speak for more than myself, I know 2 others are coming with me who will be coercible.

I will be the car that brings scruffy so i will help setup, but i can also help with event coordination! And next year, finances permitting, i plan to lead a bunch of activities. ^.^

See you tomorrow!