I am potentially interested in attending Campfire Tails this August (should I be able to get the time off work), but I’m curious if there will be food options which contain no animal products (meat, fish, dairy, gelatin, etc.) or insect products (eg: honey).

This is of financial importance to both me and my mate.

If I am correct, food services are still under discussion. My best recommendation would be to stay posted as they get further along with getting CFT ready! There will surely be a thread sooner than later! :slight_smile:

Last year we did have a vegetarian menu, but seeing as it might be a little difficult to do a vegan menu, I’d plan for making your own food :wink:

Hi bgibbs,

I, as someone whose diet is nearly-vegan*, would highly suggest you plan to bring your own meals. There will be some side dishes you can probably eat (salad, hummus, etc.), as well as cold breakfast/lunch offerings (PB&J sandwiches, fruit, cereal - bring your own soy/rice/almond milk if you want), but the hot meals and dinners do tend to be rather meat and/or egg centric, and a lot of the vegetarian stuff still contains dairy, so you’ll be hard-pressed to get enough to eat if you bring absolutely no food of your own.

Personally, I bring enough food to have my own breakfast and a large hot lunch daily (beans, pasta, rice mixes, pre-baked potatoes to fry, etc. - carbs and starches seem largely absent from the official menu, unfortunately, so I’d focus on those!), and then just graze whatever I can eat at dinnertime. I also bring lots of snacks (fruit, chips and salsa, instant noodles, pretzels, pickles, granola/clif bars, cookies, etc.), but that’s a good idea for everybody, as you will probably want late-night munchies when the kitchen’s closed. :wink:

Anyway, that’s just what I do, feel free to ask me if you want more ideas for your own meals or whatnot.


*not strictly - I’m vegetarian, but I don’t like plain eggs, don’t like most “meat substitutes” like seitan, and don’t eat much dairy aside from a little cheese and butter… so functionally I just eat a lot of veggies, fruits, and grains

If you’re a vegan, get in touch with me, I might enjoy cooking with you :smiley: