Variety/Talent show

A bunch of talented furs like us, we could have a blast with this. Let’s make some music, have skits and sketches, stand up comedy, maybe even some video if we get a projector. Just be sure to schedule it before dinner.

And songs about banging foxes?

Or otters and bats like you promised Pix and I last year >:3


I would definitely like to do this, especially if we have a stage to work with. I can provide up to 2 projectors and would probably wanna wrap both skits and fashion show deal into one event. I dunno exactly what time would work best, still need to work out details. I wanna let it cool down a bit before i kick it off and will be able to allow people to play around with glowy stuff, but then comes the problem of running power for lights and audio.

I’m preeeetty sure I can help when it comes to stage lighting (see my PM, Groggy!), but as a Plan B, Rain also had some great ideas in another thread about making cheap cardboard lightboxes. :slight_smile: I’m pretty confident we can make something work for lighting, even without electrical power, as a lightbox (used safely, of course) should work with anything, including gas or battery powered lanterns.

Do we need to sign up beforehand to perform or can we just show up and play?

This event will be fairly informal as will a lot of CFT, so just show up =^.^=