Two registrations available ( :'( )

Sorry in advance if I got the category wrong, guessing there hasn’t been a need for a “tickets available” place in the past

Anyway! Long story short we had an issue come up so can’t go to CFT any more. If anyone wants to buy two registrations, just General reg and I think we paid the meat donation as well for both(if you’re vegetarian I’m happy to cover that cost!)

UPDATE: One has been transferred, I still have one available if anyone else needs reg!

I’d like to take those off your hands!

Never mind. Work won’t let me, too short of notice.

The final, hard cut-off for changes of any kind to registrations is Monday at 6 a.m., and for a transfer I need to set things up a bit before that so that the recipient(s) can sign in and complete their registration before the hard deadline, so Sunday evening is the effective cut off.

There is one person who is in the awkward position of them being registered but their partner having missed registration. I’ve sent that person a link to this and I hope they will be in touch with you soon for one of the spots.

I’d love to take those!

Thanks for the info!

If both aren’t sold before then is it fine to just transfer reg for next year?

Also I realized I’m not actually sure what the process of transferring is, do I have them pay me? or pay CFT and have CFT refund me?

One may be accounted for, shot you a PM about the other though!

Just send me a PM or email from each account that’s transferring the registration stating who (forum username) should receive the the credit and spot.

Any compensation/exchange is 100% between you and the person receiving the spot.

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Just found someone for the second ticket, you can go ahead and close this thread!

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Ok this is shrimp on sige’s account, I don’t think he can send PMs yet since he might not have verified the account! But if you could transfer his reg to username Pip that would be awesome

Done. @Pip should now be able to sign in and complete their registration.

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