Trading Post!

Are you an artist or craftsperson? Will you have anything for sale at CFT? Will you be doing commissions, either at camp or as pre-orders?

Since CFT doesn’t really have a central space for selling or trading like a normal con does, I thought it might be useful to have people advertise their wares ahead of time here in the forum. :slight_smile: Anyone who wants to advertise anything they will have for sale/trade can do so here!

Please fill this out, post it in a reply and tell us:

-What will you have for sale? Feel free to link to samples online if you have a gallery.
-What are your prices? Do you accept barter? (eg art trades, booze, etc. - keep it PG here, of course)
-When will you be at camp? For example: “Friday morning until Sunday night”
-How can we find you? For example: where will you be camped, what do you look like, etc.

(Okay then, I’ll start! :D)

-What will you have for sale?
-I still have 11x17 prints of the conbook cover art I did in 2012 (Keep Furry Weird,, and I will try and have some 11x17 prints of last year’s cover, too (Outpost 27 collaboration with Rain, These are $10 each!
-I may do a small number of 1-character sketch commissions for $10 (half off my normal sketch prices!), as well as simple B&W or color badges for $20 and $40, respectively. These will be limited, though, as I’m mostly here to party, not work!
-Pre-order badges are still a “maybe,” depending on if I have time. I’ll make a followup post later if I decide to take any this year.

-Do you accept barter?
Cash is king, but I might be willing to exchange sketches for things like (good!) beer, or massage for my messed-up shoulder if you’re good at it. :wink:

-When will you be at camp?
Scheduled to arrive Thursday, through Monday and beyond…

-How can we find you?
I’m female, I wear a lot of lime green and an ocelot hat, and I generally camp in the vicinity of the Loud Area with my 20’ monkey hut. :slight_smile: I may also occasionally transform into a giant bird or (new for 2014!) coyote. At night, I am also covered in Glowing Things in case it’s not already obvious.

Sure, why not, this looks like fun!

What will you have for sale?

I do cute little cast badges and pendants.

I will probably have some premade items for sale and am willing to take commissions for at-con delivery. I can knock the commission price down to $30 because I won’t need to pay for shipping. PM me if you’re interested! :slight_smile:

What are your prices? Do you accept barter?

Premades will vary but will be around $20. Cash only (or paypal/card if you want a commission for con delivery)

When will you be at camp?

I’ll probably be arriving Thursday, and I’ll be leaving when everyone else does.

How can we find you?

As far as I know I’m the only chick on a big green dirtbike who will be attending this year. :wink:

-What will you have for sale?
-I’ll be offering sketches and inked drawings! I’m bringing my own 8.5x11" paper and page protectors, but I’m happy to draw in your sketchbooks too :slight_smile: You can see examples of my artwork on my FA and my Weasyl! I don’t know how to make proper links in this forum, so here you go: and

-What are your prices? Do you accept barter?
-Sketches will be $10, Inks will be $20, more than one character will be +$5 or so.
-I might barter for items of interest to me, or art trades, but most likely not for booze or food.

-When will you be at camp?
-Thursday evening until at least Monday!

-How can we find you?
-I’ll be camped in the loud camp with oCe (and her monkey hut!) and fellow night owls!
-I’m a female, overweight, shoulderlength dirty light brown hair, I’ll be wearing a Sepp or Astrid badge at least for the first day. Black tshirts with the necks cut out, shorts, etc etc. Unremarkable XD

Hellooo! its Dru.

I will be doing drawing of all kinds. Sketches inks and colored pencil things too!! Prices will depend on what im doing and prices… ask and ill show and tell.

Something awesome I have this year will be different kinds of rainbow poi!! ;D The prices will vary between $20-30 depending on the set.

As always I am completely open to trade/barter!!