The Mysterious Card Game Mao

I’ve been playing Mao since I was young, and I’m bringing some decks of cards along with my House Rules to CFT!

  • Part of the traditional experience of Mao is a new player being forced to learn some or all of the rules of the game through observation and trial and error.
  • Thus new players are not presented with a list of rules, as part of the game is to discover the rules through game-play.
  • A traditional greeting to new players of Mao is “The only rule I can tell you is this one.”

Bring a chair, your wits, and a lot of patience as you trial and error your way through what turns into the craziest game of cards I’ve ever experienced!

Oh, this game… I want to make it clear, from having tried to play it with others: it takes a certain mindset to enjoy this game.
The goal of Mao is not to win it, but instead, to learn it. It’s a logic puzzle, not a card game. Go into playing it with that mindset, and you’ll have a much more enjoyable experience.

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Point of Order

(Sounds like a good time. It’s always nice when the rules are goofy and relatively simple. Could be a great way to meet new people.)

Game on.

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Sounds fun! Just going to be playing whenever throughout CFT, or is it going to be a Happening?

Oh god. It’s been years.

“Failure to name a monotreme.”

Mao is so much fun, can’t wait!

Since I signed up to help in the kitchen on Friday for the lunch service, it seems I have a conflict and I may not be able to help you with this, @Gnolltime. If you were counting on my help, let me know and I’ll reschedule the kitchen shift.

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