The "Hotel California" Library

You can check-out any book you like,
But they can can never be returned.

All are free to take a book regardless of if they have one for trade. The sacred oath must be upheld. All books taken from the library must be read and given a good home.

Readers! This is a chance to make room on your bookshelf at home by filling up our bookshelf at camp. Bring a book or three that you enjoyed and think others may like as well. Looking for literature of all types, from Shakespeare to Sci-Fi to scandalous smut. Bonus points if you write a personal note with what you enjoyed about the book.

Books left over may be stored for future years or donated to a relevant charity. Name shamelessly stolen from @Feyala and SOAK.

Just to get things started, here’s some of the books I’ll be bringing to seed the library:

Lives of the Monster Dogs
Ancillary Justice
Altered Carbon
His Majesty’s Dragon.
Last Child in the Woods
Ni’il: The Awakening
The Blood Jaguar

I haven’t decided on any books to bring yet, but I definitely plan to pick at least one!

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Oooh, totally loving this idea. Will scrounge around for some good ol books.

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Sounds cool. I’ll bring Kafka on the shore if I finish it beforehand!

Does this allow for electronic books too, if so I might be able to let people have my book. It should be an ebook by the end 9f the month

Feel free to post a link in here!

Are there any limits on the number or type of books? For instance, romance novels that include smut are prolly fine, but what about books that are objectively pornographic? Textbooks? Any size or weight constraints?

okay, so this will be a little odd, I finally published my book, and starting 7/10 until 7/14 2017 the book will be free to anyone that follows this link.

I hope you like the book.

Please note the dates. it will only be free during those dates.

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I seek to not limit options based on my own personal preferences. The only “rule” I would put forward is that the books ought to be ones which you yourself have enjoyed and think others will as well.

No problems with porny lit. The event is 18+. We are all adults that are free to make our own decisions about what we read (or don’t read).

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