The Green Place Tea Room Public Advisory

The Green Place Tea Room would like to cordially announce to every sand scavenger, wastes raider, warcub, hard traveler, runaway, bartertown boy, parched moon scrabbler, citadel mother, sugartown sweetie, the dead, the soon to be dying, and of course, The General Bereaved, the following official statement:

Just because the goddamn world ended and we’re living in an apocalyptic waste land doesn’t mean that afternoon tea isn’t still observed. Good god we’re not barbarians. Look for the sign between green and blue camp. If it is out-by god the stuff is brewing. Come in and get your cup. Lounge in the shade and on the pillows. Play board games or arrange illicit deliveries. Get your business done at The Green Place Tea Room - "the only decent place to spend your last couple days of living"


Senoy, thanks for putting on this Happening! It was a blast, and an excellent way to discover some tasty teas! ^.^

Thanks Kuwa! I’m glad so many attended and I’m sorry if it got a little crowded. Next year I’ll probably set up a couple of different themed happenings to spread everyone out :3 it was a ton of fun sharing some teas with you all and thank you to Crazy Joe of course for the mountain gold herbal tea :ok_hand:

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