The Great Cocktail Mix-off!

Welcome, to the greatest cocktail competition in CFT history!

Three teams will compete, using a mystery ingredient to complete the best cocktails they can in 10 minutes.

Three judges will taste and rate each cocktail.

And overall, it’s basically going to be a cross between Iron Chef and Who’s Line is it Anyways.

This will take place sometime Saturday Afternoon.

I’m looking for

3 Teams - Each team needs to come up with a team name. Teams can be between 3-5 people. I’m going to provide basic bar supplies and some spirits and mixers. You can bring your own as well, and if you’re willing to share, that would be excellent.

Just let me know if you’d like to enter a team, with your team name and the names of people on your team and I’ll add you.

If you’d like to participate but don’t have a team yet, leave a comment and I’ll see if I can gather a team together for you.

Team 1-

Team 2 -

Team 3 -

Also, if you want to to just spectate, that’s fine as well, just look for the listing on the Happenings schedule and show up!

I’m going to work on picking judges. I have three in mind that have already expressed interest.

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I’m definitely interested in participating, working on a couple friends for a team!


I’m in. I’m the world’s worst bartender and it’s time to shine

Afternoon Saturday? I hope that means around 1or so, cause im a volunteer for kitchen and gotta be there around 3

I’ll try to make it right after lunch

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You know what I’m down for this

I’m in for this too. Want to team up, @Ampersand?

I’m definitely interested, and I might have at least one person I can peer pressure into joining my team, if there’s room.

I am highly interested but I don’t have a team in mind.

Hell yeah! I do woooooooo

It’s totally cool if you don’t have a team yet!

Just show up day of before hand and we can just make some on the spot!

How about a yoteteeeeeeam

Totally game as potential judge, but perfectly happy with audience-ness~

Yes I am down!! two yotes can’t lose!