The 3rd Annual Cider Tasting - LIGHT Cider Vs. DARK Cider


Alright. I’ve got you both signed up for the darker side.


Looks like you have some light spaces open… I’ll join there if I may!



Sign me up for light cider.


Indeed you may. Welcome to the light side.


Will do! Welcome aboard the light train.


Could DarkEmberKitty and I Please be added to the light cider tasting FakeMan?


Yup. I’ll add you to the list presently.


If there’s still room on the light I wanna be on both if I can!


Might I join the dark side as well? Feel free to bump me if someone just wants to do dark only!


I got chu.

Prepare yourself.


Alright. You got it.

Prepare for the long haul.


Oo oo oh can I nab the last spot for the light side too? O:


Done. You are the last person, Indiana Jones-ing your way in through the door.


Dangit! >.> too late.

If you find me maybe we can drink a French cider together. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes me so excited~! yip yip…yum cider


Show up anyways! There should be quite a few extras.



I have anticipation.


Maybe I will! :3 Maybe I will…

I look forward to the tasting :3