That log slice thing

…I didn’t get to sign it. I wanted to this morning but someone said all the patrons and sponsors had to finish signing it first and then I never had another chance. If I scan my signature and send it to someone can it be added? Because I’d be really sad if I was left off. :frowning:

I thought it was just a Patron only signing thing, so I never signed it either

It was a patron only thing last time I checked.

/\ This

Okay sorry I was told I was able to sign it, I just had to go last.

I’d like to apologize for screwing up on the handling of that and not making sure the patrons signed it during check-in.

Because it split so badly, we might be camera-transferring the signatures to a new wood cookie, and it should be too big of an issue for any patrons who didn’t sign it to send in a scanned signature for us to put on it.

Say, random question here - When is it going to be done? (after potential delays from the splitting and whatnot) I’d really like to see how that turns out!