Thank you EVERYONE!

This year was my very first CFT appearance as well as my first furcon EVER!! I want to thank each and everyone of you for making my first time amazing! I am sorry I have not taken a single picture. Thank you everyone who was there for me as well! Thank you ALL of STAFF for letting me joke, play and be a part of you guys! Thank you Kitchen STAFF for an amazing experience in playing with food to create yummies and the awesome conversations we have had! Thank you for all the volunteers who have helped in the kitchen making the cooking, prepping, and conversations just as awesome. Thank you for all the hugs, beers, jello shots, jungle juice, mysterious hard alcohol that randomly appeared in my cup… Thank you for accepting this wolf for who she is and all her craziness! I love you all! THANK YOU ALL AGAIN!!!

Happy to hear you had such a great time, even while helping out with kitchen stuffs.
Also, you survived! xP