Tentative happenings schedule!

Hello campers! I’ve got a tentative schedule of happenings all set up for you!
If you are running a happening and would like to move around your time slot, or if I have your information incorrect, please DM/email me!
I will do my best to accommodate all requests!
Also, remember that you’re encouraged to start happenings of your own at camp! Flash mobs, impromptu workshops, anything you can think of. I will be there to help out any way I can!
If you have any questions, check out the Happenings FAQ: http://forum.campfiretails.org/2011-happening-discussion/cft-faq-and-questions-■■■■■■■■■■!/

ONGOING HAPPENINGS (Informal gatherings)
-Board/Card Games Will be taking place throughout the camp and the common areas. There will be several hosts!

-Lawn Games (Volleyball, croquet, badminton etc.) will be scattered around the camp. No hosts in particular. Feel free to gather up a gang to play with!

-Bottle Cap Casino Location TBA. Try your luck at Blackjack and Poker! Entertainment, jolly fellows, and that old timey saloon ambiance included! Saturday night, CFT will have a few prizes to award to our biggest spenders!

-The Howling. Meet up in the dining area after dinner to find a nice big hill to howl! Every night at sunset. Your host is Pelow.

-What is Furry? Location TBA. Let’s meet up and let’s discuss the intangible side of furry! All topics welcome! Thursday night after dinner. Your host is Furio.

-Downward Dog. Meet up by the watering hole just past last year’s quiet camp. Start the day off on the right paw with gentle yoga! Friday morning before breakfast. Your host is Beau.

-Shooting Gallery. Location TBA. Stave off your hunger by testing your luck at “hunting.” Friday morning after breakfast. Your host is Morse.

-DJ 101 Meet on the dance floor in last year’s loud camp. Join your fellow aspiring technomancers and learn the ancient art of “Wub.” Friday afternoon after lunch. Your host is Pixelito.

-LET’S GET MOIST Location TBA. An epic waterfight of epic proportions. Friday afternoon around 4. Hosted by CFT Staff & Co.

-Costume Contest Gather in the dining area. Who embodies the pioneering spirit of our furry ancestors the best? Chosen by you, our lovely campers! Friday night after dinner. Hosted by CFT Staff.

-Awkward Dance Party Meet on the dance floor. Bow to your partner, then swing ‘em round! Let’s have a good ol’ fashioned hoe down! Friday night after the costume contest. Hosted by CFT Staff & Co.

-My Immortal 2: The Performening Location TBA. A live, dramatic reading of our fandom’s best/worst fanfics. Friday night after the dance. Your host is Jaden.

-DIY Poi Workshop Location TBA. Few things can make you feel better than making something with your own paws, especially if they’re flashy and light up! Suggested donation is $5 to cover material costs. Saturday morning after breakfast. Your host is oCe.

-Lube Olympics Meet at the east end of camp. Test your mettle against other campers for everlasting fame and glory! Saturday afternoon around 1. Hosted by CFT Staff.

-Battle of the Brightest Meet at the east end of camp. Join us and gear up for the most unorthodox camp game you’ve ever played! Saturday night after dinner. Hosted by CFT Staff.

-Wagon Wheel Art Jam Location TBA. Come one, come all! Express yourself through mediums of all kinds. Draw, paint, knit, macaroni art! Please consider bringing craft supplies, tools, and canvasses to share and use. This is a communal event! Saturday night during the dance. Your host is Bastek.

-Camp Dance Meet on the dance floor. Show off those moves and get down with the music provided by our DJ’s! Saturday night after the Battle of the Brightest. Hosted by our volunteer DJ’s.

-The Birds and the Bees. Meet up in the dinning area. It’s the oh-so-important talk you once had as a kid, but this time with super rad friends and some ‘paws-on’ activities! PG-13. Please, bring an open mind and kind words so we can create a safe space for all! Sunday morning after breakfast. Your host is Beau & Co.

-Ye Olde Timey MtG Meet in the dining area. A crowd favorite! Bring your best deck and battle it out, tournament style! Sunday afternoon around lunch time. Your host is Devin.

-Ceremonious Butt Battle Meet at the waterfall east of camp. Celebrate your beautiful behind with a CFT tradition! The crowds will choose a rump worthy of the title “Best Butt.” Sunday afternoon after lunch. Hosted by CFT Staff.

Hey there!

Oh my! I totally didn’t see that I was the host for the “What is Furry?” happening! :slight_smile: I’m really honored and must remember to show up at the right place (let me know of the location when appropriate)! It’s VERY impromptu…probably most similar to a “Meet N Greet”, but would be wonderful to have a sort of communal discussion and introduction of anyone attending, finding out how we learned about the fandom, why we love it, what it means to us, going open as our sexual passions, or as conservative as our spiritual connections. :slight_smile: I probably should start a new topic on the panel and extend an “opener” invitation.

Thank you so much!! I truly hope that I will help make this whole experience the best possible, and that we’ll have an awesome time together! BIG WALRUS HUGS

See you soon!!!

Furio / Royce

You’re welcome to have it anywhere at camp! Plenty of cozy spots and campfires! Just let us know when and where!

I’m afraid I don’t know the layout of the campgrounds, nor the precise schedule for meals and stuff. Do you have links or threads that show that info?

Hey Beau, do you think you could change my poi workshop to Sat. afternoon (say, after lunch) instead of after breakfast? I just realized 12 is prrrrrobably a bit too early for me (I’m only just waking up around then, if not later!) 8)


Hmmmm, that looks like the menu schedule for the food-things for the camp, not the map and layout of campgrounds. Or did I miss it somewheres?

Happenings seem to just … happen, hang out in the central area and things will work out. We’re a bit informal round here. :smiley:

otterhugs for the Walrus.

Oops, I gotcha! Maybe I will wear my walrus t-shirt and walk around during my “time spot” to casually announce the Happening beginning. We’ll see. I love the casual-ness of this gathering and will definitely savor it! Thank you!!!

BIG flipper hugs for the cute big-pawed otter <3 <3 <3