Swag: What do you want?

Hello friends! I’m posting this in Happenings because it’s…happening? It didn’t feel like it fit in any of the other categories any better.

So hi, I’m Maly, and I’m your 2019 art director for CFT. I’m really looking forward to helping make some uniquely fun things for camp, but I’d love your input - this is a group effort, after all!

Campfire Tails is really into handing out interesting swag to all tiers of membership, and this year is lining up to be no different. What I’d like to know is: what swag did you like from past years? What swag would you like to see moving forward?

Ideally, they’d be things related to this year’s theme (Furrasic Park - DINOSAURS!) or things we could customize with our artwork (like vinyl stickers, for example).

Thanks for your feedback, everyone! Looking forward to seeing you back Home this summer!

Flasks or waterbottles with this year’s design on it would be awesome! Can never have too many reusable drink containers :3 Also, a handkerchief could be a neat idea, or badges (like the “certified” ones or similar)


Park employee access cards


I’m always down for things I can put on stuff I already have, like stickers, appliques and patches!

OOO! Or what about collectible charms?! A new one each year, maybe?!


Would definitely love to see cups or potentially bottles in a similar vein to last year (honestly probably helped more than just me remember to drink water) but like, buttons and stickers are always good, bandannas/handkerchiefs could be a fun option!


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