Stuffed animals?

Hey guys!

This will be my second year going to CFT, and I am considering making and bringing some stuffed animals to (possibly) sell at CFT. I’m mostly considering it to take my mind off of other real-life things before the con, so I won’t be devastated if no one ends up wanting to buy any of them.

But would anyone be interested? If so, what animals would you like to see?

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We don’t normally have many folks selling things, so I’m pretty psyched to see this! I’m just curious as to what sort of prices you’re planning on selling these for though, since I don’t normally bring any cash with me to CFT.

And if you’re looking for things to make, I’m partial to birds myself. I’m sure there would probably be some interest in the normal furry types too such as foxes, wolves, and dragons.

I’m not entirely sure just yet, they won’t be OUTRAGEOUS (probably $20 or less, depending on what I make/bring), and I might be willing to trade for hooch or something I’m sure I’ll have forgotten at the con as well.

Thanks for the ideas! I’m testing out a wolf/fox pattern right now, but I’ll have to look into a good bird pattern!

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Sounds good! Can’t wait to see what you’ve got :smiley:

Do you have any samples of your work? I’d love to see them! I’m also a big fan of birds as well, and red pandas! (I collect stuffed animals of them)

Plushies! Will be interested to see your work.

Sounds neat! I’d potentially be interested in any coyotes or jackals in the canine department, and crows or ravens for birds.

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