Story time

Sadly this didn’t work out last year but I think it will be a lot of fun. This this would be the time for any of you writers to bring your pieces of short work to share with everyone. Don’t be shy we all would love to see how talented some of the CFT attendees are.

We also will play a fun story telling game. We all come up with a basic plot, then one person has to start the the story and tell it for 30 seconds. After that the next person in line has 10 seconds to think on how they will continue the story. Then so on and so on.

Got any other ideas, or just want to help out? Drop them here, or shoot me an email at

There was storytime with Bennet, that was pretty keen. All sitting around Bennet and listenin’ to his stories :>

I think he was talking about the idea I had. I gave the time to Bennet since I wasn’t prepared. >.>

i think that my fiancee (well by the time CFT 2011 rolls around she will be my wife) would like to participate as she is a story writer, but i dont want to volunteer her as sometimes she is kind of shy :stuck_out_tongue: but ill talk with her since she is going to be attending

Well tell her we would all love to hear her one of her stories. We don’t bite… well most don’t ;D

i have a few stories… but i dont know if i would want to share them because they are in the process of getting copywrited…

I might be able to find the Boy Scout Campfire storybook if anyone’s interested.
Just some nostalgia from back in the camping days.

Story time certainly needs to happen =) and the story game sounds fun!