Stock up ahead

If there is a specific booze you want (read Rumchata) think about getting it before you go to CFT. That way you don’t get to the store near the camp site and find that the furries have already cleaned them out.

Also, DAMN. I brewed a bunch of mead, like 3 gallons. Today I was moving on to the filtering and bottling. I filled the special bottles I’d saved. Plus my overflow bottle. And have an extra gallon sitting in a plastic pitcher. Poop. So, booze at my place. . . This plastic pitcher will not go to CFT, so it will be drunk before then. This year it has come out more like a wine than a sweet mead. The rapid fermentation earlier was really doing the trick.

Oh no you poor baby. :slight_smile:

Damn! You brew your own mead? That’s pretty sweet.

I brew my own wine. I should have some port finished by the time CFT rolls around, so I can bring that in lieu of mead instead? ;D

How many ways can I say yes without sounding like a whore? Totally a sample swap.

Hahaha! It’s fine, I wouldn’t blame you for sounding like one :wink:

I have chocolate orange, chocolate raspberry, and chocolate coffee, take your pic.

I also brew some Montepulciano, Valpolicella, and Barbara… mostly Italian Rossos, but if you brew mead you seem more of the port type.

Chocolate raspberry, with chocolate orange as a secondary.

Alright, I’ll keep a note to see what I have in stock next time I’m there :slight_smile:

Um, I make my own…bacon? :[

Also I miss sampling homemade mead, its been ages.

Alright! You’re in luck. I have enough stock of chocolate raspberry and chocolate orange to part with a couple.

Both bottled in Fall of '09, so they’re super potent. And did I mention I doubled the brandy recipe in these? :wink:

jawdrops I would love to sample some of those meads and wines… >.> I’ll have to find something to trade…


Oh my~

I’m not hearing a no.

Getting touched in your naughty place is a small price to pay for a sampling of Scruffy’s mead… I had some at the costume party last week and it was capital.

Will trade arts for boozahols

Yes please