Start of Registration

Just waiting for registration to open; any ideas when? Not a lot of slots and don’t want to miss out. :smiley:

Hello, and welcome! We’re now putting the final touches on the new registration system and have begun testing for publishing. I anticipate @koinu will be ready to flip the switch in the next 24 hours! We’ll be putting out an announcement, but keep an eye out!

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It’ll definitely be within the next couple days. :smile:

LOL. I’ll keep an eye out :wink:

In all seriousness, we’ll be announcing it quite widely once it is active. You don’t need to worry about missing it. (Unless you’re, like, planning on going into literal hibernation for the next month and a half. Anyone in that situation should probably get in touch with us.)

Crowley, I don’t think CFT registration has ever actually hit the cap, has it? Though I believe it has gotten close a couple times.
Assuming that’s still true, I don’t think Lyeska has too much to worry about, but promptness in registration would still be advised.

Not yet. We pick our cutoffs to be a bit more than our projected turnout.

Nice. I see it’s opening tomorrow. Tyco - is that you from BLFC? If so, where’s my collar!? :smiley:

Click here to register!

Please note that there is no on-site registration.

XD Once I go buy more buckles, I can do another run of 50 or so, which I otherwise have the extra parts to make (except buckles). It’s probably going to be a while though; there are bigger fish to fry.
That said, I do want to make sure there are some more of them to go around for the people who helped the con a lot and didn’t get one. They’ll be duplicate numbers because they’ll be using the test prints, but I doubt anyone will really mind.

I still struggle to find a way to physically reward all the help that comes our way, and do so in a fully consistent and repeatable manner that doesn’t miss some people. Also, if you didn’t get the gray “thanks for helping” poker chip, let me know, and I’ll add that too.

LOL. Completely understand. Don’t mind waiting at all or duplicate numbers. Thought they were a nice touch :slight_smile:

Ooo! Didn’t get that poker chip. I’ve got the red 2014 and white 2015. Was there one for 2013? Going to have to tear my house apart if there was!

So is CFT at 169 people/furs registered? :wink:

35 so far.

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Heheh. So looking forward to this. Thinking about bringing a dog; all requirements can be met, but it may be a pain :confused:

It can be. First year I brought my corgi, he was a terrible camper. Skipped on bringing him for a couple years, then tried again last year and he ended up being a pretty great little camping dog. He’ll be showing up with me again this year :3

:: nod : Working out the logistics. Probably easier if I left her at home though. She’s a GSD and in her teenager years. A little rebel/terror.

He was so sweet last year. I look forward to givin’ him scritches again. X3