Stargazing through the Thunderdome

One of my many favorite things about CFT is the stargazing. Last year’s sky was amazing to behold, and this year I’d love for us to have a more organized viewing and appreciation of those celestial bodies!

Telescopes, binoculars, red-lights, and star charts, show us what you got!

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i would like to host a happening on this very subject, preferably more than one night!
I’m going to try to wrangle up some extra red lights, and see if i can’t spruce up my old telescope and tripod. I would GREATLY encourage others to bring a telescope, binoculars, and perhaps a favorite book (even farmer’s almanac) to help them find a cool celestial body they’d like to share with everyone during the viewing.
I’m considering trying to host them on friday and saturday night around blue camp, or a walk out some place without campers. I’d hate to disturb anyone, but I would like it to be a relatively easy place to get to so passers by can participate too.

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We talked about doing this last time but never did so proper! Gotta make a point to get some real stargazing in. <3

Dog this would be a perfect happening, too!

Probably not a huge amount of light pollution out in the gravel parking area, and you could lay out a red ring on the ground to draw attention to your happening?

Don’t forget Google Sky!

oh crap, i totally had. this is a good suggestion!

This sounds amazing! I haven’t really done any stargazing since my parents used to drag me to the Oregon StarParty in the Ochoco Mountains.

It’s be a lot of fun to figure out where all of the weird constellations are again!

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I never thought of this. Thanks for mentioning it.
I would love to do some stargazing at CFT.

I’ll definitely be bringing my binoculars and star chart again this year.

I can bring a small telescope, tripod and my binoculars, too.

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