Stargazing should be good this year

I just checked the moon phases for August, and it looks like we’ll be between new moon and half for the duration of CFT, which should be pretty low light pollution from the moon to make for pretty good stargazing. I don’t have a telescope, but I know @WoofyTheBunny has one, loves SPAAAAAACE, and is a pretty good spacegazing tour guide.

I believe every year there has been some sort of stargazing thing, and I’m not the right one to organize it as I know @(*&$all about it. But the prospects look good.

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Ill definately bring my big scope and plan a little star party. Is there an official time for any sort of star party?


I see nothing declared this year yet in the Happenings category, so I think if you want to organize something, you can declare the official time. I’d guess it’ll be a bit weather dependent, so maybe make a primary time and a backup time if weather disrupts the primary time.

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@Tyco @WoofyTheBunny:

There will be an onsite posting board near the kitchen for organizing trips. Post your intended day and time early so people can sign up!

For now, we can keep this thread and mention people who might be interested. :3~

Like @Favlaud~

Count me in! This is an excellent idea. :slight_smile:

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please fill out the form so i can make sure this happens!

Is there another ISS viewing party this year? Is that a thing that is possible?

I’ve got a full moon you can gaze at :wink::wink::wink:

Actually would like to join in on this. Every year, I’m either too busy turning on camp lights or cleaning up in the kitchen. Let me know when/if y’all agree on a set time.

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I’ll bring my big reflector scope as well!

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