Star gazing and tipping

I love just laying out on a nice cool night and looking at the stars. CFT will be such a fun place to do this at. I will be bring a home made telescope to view through, its ok for looking at stars with but it is absolutely great for looking at the moon with, so if were lucky it will be out that weekend.

IF you don’t know what star tipping is… well looks like you will have to come to find out bwhahahaha.

Star Tipping! Let’s do this.

Heck yes! Sounds like fun!

I agree! Star Tipping=win.
Although I always called it Star Tripping… ah well. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah that might be what its called, not really sure lol.

Regardless, the concept is the same.
Mara and I are going down there on Saturday to take pictures of the lake and such, I’m going to attempt to scout out a good place to do that… I dunno if there is anywhere ‘safe’ to do it, meaning a grassy area…