Solo? Shared campsite?

So my usual friends can’t make it this year. But I’ll still have a “big” (but not “theme”) campsite. 12x12 awning, large tent, hard tables, folding chairs, small propane stove, big cooler w/ice (and drinks), etc. I’m local to the area, so I get to cheat and do this dumptruck style! But it’s a waste to set up all this stuff just for myself. So, if anyone else flying solo (especially from a distance or with minimal supplies) wants to join my camp, that’d be awesome! Help me set up the larger stuff (if you’re around) and enjoy having some of the nicer things you couldn’t fit in that carry-on luggage!

I’m planning to camp the border between green/red (leaning green) and will definitely be sharing/enjoying alcohol into the wee hours most nights. Oh, and if it makes anyone more (or less?) comfortable, I’m an IT dude in my late 30s.

It was nice meeting you last year. I’d be happy to help you set up.

Hey Kalu! And thanks! Still trying to figure out exactly when I’ll be showing up Thursday, but it’ll be late afternoon I hope (unless something IRL interferes.)

How many can you fit? I’m coming from Seattle and am on my own, but should be able to get there in the evening if you’re still setting up! First time coming for me, so still learning the ropes.

Thanks, Kalu! If you see me setting up with my big 1999 silver suburban parked, swing by, I could probably use a hand with one or two big things (awning and tent.)

Hi Chivek! You’re welcome to join my camp even if you can’t make it in time to help set up. Mostly it’s just “too big” for just me, so I want to share. Last year was my first year (though thankfully I had friends with me at the time) and I’m glad I had someone pointing out how things worked and what was going on so I didn’t miss too much. I’m happy to do the same for you (or anyone else new) as best I can.

The “common area” is definitely big enough for 8+ people to hang out. So plenty of room for you, just have to find a place to set it all. I’ll be wearing a t-shirt with my avatar/icon on it, and it says “XEPHER” as well.

All set up. Next to The Tar Pit (coffee bar thing) which is a trailer. I’m the orange and white tent with the silver awning. Beer is now being served. :slight_smile: