So long CFT. Never again

Do to having to plan around other events and uncertainty caused by them, I was not able to get a ticket. No rattle can, no me, no grunge rock social. Shame, I built some gear for a new community space, a larger, more powerful device charging station and improved audio. All for nothing.

Not even going to pretend that this isn’t depressing as fuck. This sucks. I don’t think I’ll bother coming back at this point. This sort of crap permanently spoils the event for me. Having your hopes crushed on this level just sort of makes it not worth even attempting anymore. So long CFT. Hope it all goes well. I just can’t deal with getting my hopes up and then having then crushed. I can’t deal with not knowing if I can go to it not because getting a ticket is a chance deal.

On the other hand, for those that also got screwed, I’ll be in the alvord dessert that weekend holding my own event. Come to Oregon’s playa.

Good luck! Sorry you feel that way.

Dude. You waited until the 9th week of sign-ups for an event that’s wound up having a wait list every year for the past three years, and this year was full in the second week.

If you’re serious about wanting to go, you need to make up your mind about that the appropriate time: when registration first opens. We offer full refunds until fairly close to the event, so uncertainty about whether you can get the time off shouldn’t be a factor in whether you try to get a spot.

I will, however, update the system for next year so that if you’re signing up after the first week and there’s already a wait list of people who signed up in prior weeks, it’ll show you up front how long the already-existing part of the waiting list is.

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I had no way of doing that. I had to wait on word back from BRC DPW before I would know if I was going or not. As it turns out, DPW doesn’t want me after all.

Second… why have the ability to apply for a spot in the 9th week if you have zero plans to make any offers? You should have closed registration by then if that was the case. The system gives you no indication that you have ZERO chance at that point. All it told me was “66 people in line.” ok… 66 and how many offers? I mean, I would have been happy if it even went “lol, you dumb bastard, you haven’t got a hope in hell.”

In any case, i’ve got no time for land rush con man. Shit needs to change on that front before I consider coming back. Just doesn’t work for the way I live life.

Even if we had the same registration system as other cons, the fact that we’ve been routinely selling out the last few years just means we’d still be sold out only it would happen much quicker. The only thing that makes it an impossible gamble to get in is if you don’t sign up during that first week the registration opens. Furthermore, if you find out closer to con that you can’t go, we give you the option for a full refund up to two weeks before the event.

We’re sorry you feel screwed by the system, but there were ways to avoid it from the get go.

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Well look. Isn’t just asking people to land rush in, and then cancel and get a refund later kind of setting yourselves up for failure? What are you going to do the year like 30 people cancel at the last minute?

In any case, I don’t feel screwed because it sold out quickly. I feel screwed because the registration system allowed me to sign up even though there isn’t a snow balls chance in hell I’ll get a ticket. That’s a kick in the nuts.

This is the only con I go too. The others are bore fests. I don’t like being inside, I don’t like hotels, I don’t like well organized rigidly structured ordeals. It’s a real kick in the dick.

Sorry it didn’t work out for ya. If you like it, I’d try for it again next year.