Sleeping bag request

anybody have a spare sleeping bag? If not that’s coo, just would like to save some money if I could.

I do if no one else does. I bought an oversized one a few years ago as its comfier for me (myself being oversized) but I still have the old one. Its pretty nice, it has a removable fleece panel insude for warmth. I won’t be there til Thursday though, don’t know if you’re going Wednesday? And I’m leaving Monday.

If you do want me to bring it you’ll have to tell me by Wednesday early afternoon, that’s when I’m picking up my camping stuff from storage.

i to have a spare sleeping bag, bringing a total of 3 just in case ^^

hey, I actually got it all figured out with other people. feel free to bring them just in case though, others might need them too :stuck_out_tongue:

Okaaaay :3