Skunks will be invading the camp!

Just regged, number 29, woohoo! Question though, I usually like to go camping for a week or longer, would it be alright if I got there early, or stayed late after?

If you would like to volunteer with setup (beginning the afternoon of Wednesday, August 3rd) and teardown/land reclamation (leaving the site before noon on Tuesday, August 9th), that would give you the opportunity to stay on site a bit longer.

However, a nightly permit is required for the site, so we can’t have anyone on site earlier or later than that, and we really need anyone who is around on Wednesday or Tuesday to be helping us out with setup/teardown. (You’d also earn a nice discount towards next year for volunteering, and I think we’re providing some kind of food for setup/teardown volunteers as well.)

What he said. XD

We do some foods for our volunteers. If you’re interested, expect a thread to pop up around July!

Sounds good to me, I’ll happily volunteer when it rolls around.

I will be driving up in a 73 step side pickup . I’m volunteering my services for that week and as long as you need me for the job . But do I need to fill out any forms and is any fees are involved for the registration. Please let me know . I did the volunteer job at the San Jose Fur Con in January of this year. Just ask Smilingwulf . Mountain Blue Fox Joe .

Yay Mopar!

We’ll put you to work. No worries there. >.>


Looks like I’m going too, it’ll nice to finally meet ya in person :slight_smile:

I hope you won’t be disappointed’ ,This will be my third Con after Pittsburgh Pa. on a meting of my amanaelectronic helmets du to thy show emotions . I’m a little on the wild side of things du to I actually live in the mountains in a mine tunnel 6 months out of the year and that’s no joke. I worked on the project for years in a old mine and it has all the mediates of home. One of these days I’ll put some photos up as soon as I can figure this contraption out fully. Mountain Blue Fox Joe.