Sketchiest Roadster in Oregon

OOOOhohohohoho, and you people thought my ride offers were wack in previous years! Avaliable one very comfortable leather bucket seat in Oregon’s (and possibly the world’s!) sketchiest, shittiest and least safe roadster ever!

What’s a roadster? That’s a car with no roof! Not a convertable mind you, they have roofs you can put up, roadsters don’t! In this ones case it’s a “flat deck” roadster, in other words, no windshield, just a little pop up sports type wind screen. All built on the finest Mercury had to offer in 1978, the Cougar! Bring your 8 track tapes!!

Is it really that unsafe?
Yes… seriously… Although… I mean it’s not that less safe than my other car… maybe more safe, I mean it’s got disc brakes.

What should I bring to survive?
Very warm coat (it could be damn cold headed over the cascades, heats broken… as if it really mattered anyway),
Rain jacket
Motorcycle Helmet
Gogles, tinted and maybe a clear set as well
Chap stick
Gloves, warm ones… probably water proof ones
Sun screen
Hat, one that can be made uncomfortably tight so it doesn’t blow off at 70mph
Trash bags to put your stuff in so it stays dry if it rains. For such a big car the trunk is freakin’ tiny.

Protip: The doors are welded shut, you have to climb over them or up across the trunklid or walk across the hood using the bumper as a step. So if you are mobility challenged, we can get you in the thing but getting out may include a tuck and roll.


Update, I did a test run from portland to madras via highway 26, and then north onto 97 and 197 through Maupin onto I84. It’s almost too reliable and comfortable. 21mpg as well. What the hell… I expected it to be far far worse.