Sing Along with Uncle Scruffy

Sit around the campfire and be serenaded, nay! Wooed! by Uncle Scruffy. Or be ready to sing or play a song yourself. I have had times while camping where I sang and told stories around campfires to earn meals and booze. let me share some of that skill with you. Songs will range from traditional to filk to songs about banging foxes. Yes, you really did just read that. Bring your instruments and singing voices.

I may also be bringing homebrewed mead to this happening, assuming A) it turns out well and B) it doesn’t turn out so well that I become a greedy wolf.

Sounds like a blast, your stories are always great.

Mostly this will be singing, and a story or two may come in, but very few stories as most of the good stories don’t lend themselves to groupd like this.