i just wanted to put my two cents worth in.

first off, i want to thank the staff for the out of this world experience. it was pretty effing awesome. im actually superised that we hardly had any “hiccups” for the first con.

then i want to thank everybody who volunteered. the people “behind” the scenes and doing things that nobody might not have wanted to do;wheather it was buttering bennets bread, helping with the kitchen, helping set up and take down, garbage detail, and all, we, the volunteers, did it out of the goodness of our hearts to make sure ALL of us had a safe, happy, fun time. and i want to give special shout outs to Mara-san,Sparky, Pix, Maru, CopperScales, FoxRivers, Demonfox, Scritch, nava, and myself for coming either the day before or the day after to make sure we got everything set up for a smooth transition, or a smooth break down and “deep clean”.

last, but most certianly not the least, i want to thank everybody that attended. it is because of all of you that the con worked. you made the possiblity a reality, and due to the enormous success this year, there WILL be a next year. i wouldnt have enjoyed myself if it wasnt for the diversified, friendly, and genourous people that attended. hell, even the “horrible” people were great.

in all. i jsut wanted to give a shoutout to those who might not have been noticed by the “normal eye”. just want togive mydeepest thanks to the staff and volunteers.

raises right paw over head and lowers head heres to many many MANY sucessfull years to come and loads more meomories that will forever be remembered.

shouts as he pops the last blister on his feetX.x;

plays mario dying song as x pops his blister