Short on transportation down to this :B

lake oswego, fur who doesnt drive, dependant on everyone who basicly can

who can do this?

I’ll give you a ride if you’re coming this year. I know that was still up in the air when we took pictures and stuff.

sorta wish i actually could but i sense it wont be so fun for me. drunk furs all over. no thank you :B

My mate and I plan to camp out in the quieter area, and while I will be drinking, I tend to be a rather pensive when intoxicated. If you change your mind and register, you can stick close to us.

Well I don’t drink (I can’t even sample this year because I had stomach surgery) and I have a blast every year… :wink: Ido’s right, you could always just hang with us at the quiet camp. Hopefully people bring games. :3

eh, it is a little bit tempting but i’m tired of making excuses like i’m terribly afraid of showering outside cause i know i’ll have to do that at one point. i’m just gonna pass on this thing alltogether.

I don’t have a picture of it handy, but we’ve actually got a shower setup that gives you plenty of privacy, and warm water!

|3 god i know y’all want ME to go but i am just gonna have to pass on this time.