Shooting Video RAW Furtography

I will be bringing a video camera and my handheld Steadicam along with a minimum of four batteries. Of course, I will ask before shooting video of anyone. I’m half of RAW Furtography and I am looking forward to video that isn’t hotel bound :smile:

I can juice bricks off my vehicle, but if someone has a generator, JIC, that would be awesome.


This sounds like fun. It would be neat to watch videos of the con experience instead of just photos, not that photos aren’t great as well. :3

Indeed. I’ve shot and have seen some great footage and pictures from cons in hotels but outdoor lighting can’t be beat :wink:

Here’s to lots of light, little rain and a great time!

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From the sound of it, there might be a few generators in use this year. I’m sure someone would be willing to help you charge your gear for a bit throughout the con! :smile:

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I’m planning on having a very plentiful solar setup with batteries that should last all night as well as a backup generator. Will have my camera too though I dabble more with still photography than video.

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Awesome! If I may juice some batts when the time comes I would appreciate it and hopefully we can work something out ^ ^ I can get about three hours continuous use out of each batt and currently have two.

@Groggy, would you be able to quickly get your ~20ish volt lithium ion battery pack arranged? We could theoretically use one of BLFC’s lite-brite panels to give @Lyeska a pretty good area light to work with.
(The one I was going to modify for you to use as a photography flash would be too bright for continuous-on light, but it would use the same battery you were planning for the photo flash).

@Lyeska, do you have an easy way to provide battery power that’s at least 10 volts? If so, I think I can rig up some 5W LED light sources for you. You can even keep them if you like them; they’re stuff I recovered from e-waste.

I’ve got my 14.8V 11000mAh/162.8Wh batteries that are V-Lock. They use Dtap to power other things and can output 50W( what voltage, I’m not sure ). I think the output ratings are for the V-Lock part, not the 50W Dtap. Otherwise, the math would be easy :smiley:

Maybe I will bring the full rig and not just the hand held one, lol.

What kind of connector would you need? Can probably pick up a battery pack that can do the job.

As long as you can give me a + wire and a - wire, I’ll bring along the necessary tools and parts to terminate that to match what I build. Then you can keep it :smiley:

If at all possible/equipped, come prepared for low light photos or video? A lot of awesome happenings occur across camp that don’t get much coverage when the sun sets. :>

Right. Would something like this work -

I can capture things in very low light and know how to pull noise out of footage. I’m not sure if that connector will work. I’ll keep looking, but if you see something that’s Dtap to the right connector, let me know since we’re running low on time.

I may be able to get a light that attaches to the cold shoe on my camera. Definitely don’t want to use one of those LED arrays - they can shift colors.

Crowley and Tyco - I’ll have three unregulated female P/D-tap connectors with + and - at 14.8V - 10A - 50W max output. Any lights and such will need to accept that unless you want them fried.

I’ve got two of these 11000mAh/162.8Wh batteries plus my two regular ones so I should be able to run for the entire con off 2x of those :wink:

Unfortunately, that field of knowledge isn’t my expertise. I can say though, I don’t have anything on-site that takes d-tap.

If you have that d-tap-to-barrel-jack adapter already, yeah, I can set up for that. Do you have that on-hand already? Is it tip-positive, or tip-negative?

The lights I’ve created will probably handle 14.8V without getting fried; they’ll just waste the extra voltage as heat, but they have big fat heatsinks on them. If they get fried, I won’t be heartbroken. They were built out of salvaged stuff; my only investment into them is time.

Those I don’t have. I’ve seen those D/P-tap to barrel; don’t think I can get one in time.

The only D/P-tap connector I’ll have is regulated for the camera and shaped like a battery. I’ll know more about it tomorrow.

First time using these connectors /:

ultimately, all I really need is just a + wire and a - wire from the battery, and I can finish it in 5 minutes at-camp.