Sex ed q&a

Would anyone be interested in a little q&a tackling the myths around sex and giving some random cool trivia?

This is a brilliant idea.

I am talking to a few people about having a safe sex panel become a reality this year!
Currently in the works: goodie bags, relatable reading material.
Also, working with some furs about hosting community specific introductions and q&a’s!

It sounds like a great idea. :slight_smile: I assume the topic would be purely on safe-sex. It would be nice to talk about the ideas of non-standard relationships, too (especially polyamory, which I’ve been exploring recently), but whatever works best for the Q & A would be just fine. :slight_smile: Hope to attend it!

I am 100% behind this idea! Let’s do it! Also agree with Beau on the idea of “goodie bags” and reading material.

I bet Pivot in Portland could supply things for the goodie bags - they have these cute vials of lube.

I’ll ask them about it.

I’d be willing to bet that a quick talk with any large organization may be able to begat an illegitimate brood of sexually safe bags consisting of on-the-go lube, Jimmy-Hats, and clinical references.

Ten points to Ravenclaw for correct use of the slang ‘Jimmy Hat’.

Well, I’ve got a name at Pivot who’s willing to provide supplies. I’m not the one organizing this so if whoever is organizing it want the goodies feel free to contact me and I’ll get them.

Do we have any volunteers that want to help host and help lead our discussion?

i’d be willing to help lead a little, but i don’t wanna do it solo