Selling my spot at CFT

Hey, fellow fur that’s too late to register the regular way,

Due to recent events that have prevented my mate from going to CFT, I have decided to sell my spot at this event that I’m sure is going to be tons of fun. It’s a regular attendee spot so, I got it for $40. You won’t get a T-shirt and you won’t get breakfast and lunch (although there’s always snack food, available) but you will get a hot dinner for each of the four nights. Not to mention access to all happenings and a camping spot all for you.

I’m not looking to profit on this rare opportunity to get access to CFT after the regular registration has closed so, I’m not going to charge any more than what I paid; I’m just looking for someone that wasn’t fortunate enough to be able to register in the regular frametime and I’m also wanting to make sure my spot doesn’t go to waste.

So, if you’re interested in going to CFT and didn’t get in with the regular registration window, say so in this topic, send me a PM, or email me at to inquire about how you can take my spot at the event.