Seeing a Path Through the Apocalypse Or Tarot Cards And You

To survive in the wastelands of the future, you could be a great leader, or a strong warrior, or a universal blood donor, or a mechanic. But what if there was a different path, a way to help others see what was coming, make plans, avoid traps, and eventually, with a bit of luck, get to the green place? Or at least find a way to make the best of the likes of the Bullet Farm or Gas Town.

While I could do a basic lecture, that sounds unfun. What I’d rather do is hang out, take a poke around the decks, learn to play a game, see what strikes us all as significant or interesting, and going from there. Maybe you’ll leave with a new hobby, or a new game to play, or some things to think about.

I’ve been fascinated by the tarot for…. Some time now. (I just realized how old I am.) And I’d like to share that with you. I know a good bit about the history of tarot (or triumph) cards, have studied them as a mystic tool, am reading quite a lot about them as a psychological practice, and have unearthed the rules for at least one game that can be played with them.

So, let me know if this is something any of you all are interested in. I can probably grab a few decks (I think I have 4) so we’d be okay for up to 8 people at least. If there’s a lot of interest, I can try to call in some favors, or you could also brings decks. And if there are any experts, or other enthusiasts, I would not say no to as assist on this.

I’d also be around a lot of the weekend for further discussion, or possibly some readings.

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I would love to make this on the schedule and do like a tarot hour! What day(s) and time(s) are you thinking?

Sounds intriguing! I may have an old musty deck lying around in the attic. I’ll have to see if I can find it!

Maybe Saturday Afternoon 1? Or Sunday morning? I guess? We would need a couple tables and some decent light, but that leaves a fair few options. Near the kitchen or Blue Camp would probably be best. I’m open to ideas and suggestions.


how about Sunday morning?

Sunday morning is excellent…

As a note to everyone, as the happening itself is a little late in the weekend, if you can find me and want to chat about the tarot, or get a reading, just ask. Otherwise, I hope to see you all Sunday morning!


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